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15 September 1969

S & S Photography (formerly Stamm Photography),began in business when I was only 16 years old while I was in High School. Shortly after the school year began, I started taking portraits of students in my school as well as some of the families. I continued the business as a full and part time venture since its inception.

11 May 2009

I published my first photo book titled Dateline Zamboanga, for the tourism bureau of Zamboanga City, Philippines. I continued to shoot more on a part time basis but concentrated on tourism for cities and commercial industries until October of 2011 when I moved back the States.

01 November 2011

Stamm Photography became a vialble residential and commercial real estate photography company and began shooting approximately 15 to 20 properties per week. Earlier this year, I was approached by one of my shooters asking to buy the business if I should retire. I accepted this offer and retired from shooting in the USA on 31 May 2017.

August 2021

S&S Photography has now arrived in New Braunfels, TX. We are now open for business.

As an introduction to myself and my abilities in offering you the best real estate photography in New Braunfels, your first real estate photo-shoot is completely free of charge. This way, if you don't like my work, you have not paid any monies out and all I'm out is a little time